BERTIE_FILMS_BIOThe world of Bertie Films was created in January 2006 to provide a home for creative adventures in story telling. In the past seven years we have made independent films, playstation games animations, commercials, music promos, idents, documentaries, virals, written features and won loads and loads of awards including a BAFTA!

Bert’s background lies in advertising and branded content, Bertie comes from Sony and the world of intelligent gaming and in June 2009, our long-time collaborator Yoyo officially joined our family. She brings a wealth of documentary making experience for both broadcast (BBC, Channel 4, CNBC, National Geographic, Discovery) as well as commercial and creative projects. Essentially you name it and we’ve probably filmed it… and now we can add a TED multi-camera shoot to the list with our sponsorship of TEDxBedford.