Jen-Gale-profileCould you buy nothing new for a year?

Jen Gale is a mother of two who has been bitten by the crafting bug. A vet by professional Jen has embarked upon a year long quest for a more sustainable life and less ‘stuff’. On 1st September 2012 Jen and her family started a Make Do and Mend Year (  which involves a whole year of buying nothing new through making, make do, re-purpose, upcycling, thrift, buying vintage, buying pre-loved, begging, borrowing and (not yet but maybe) stealing… The one thing the family can’t do is buy anything new.

Jen has kept a daily blog since starting the Make Do and Mend Year documenting the trials and tribulations, and the lessons the family has learned along the way.

Jen is now on a mission to spread the work about how we all can and should be doing a little bit of Make Do and Mend, and how little changes can make a difference. Jen will tell us the lessons that the family has learned, about the ups and downs, about the new friends, opportunities and skills the family has learned along the way, not to mention the money saved.