Heardinlondon-largeThe Slow Revolution: Civil disobedience, dialogue and the power of Twitter.

We are honoured to be joined by the infamous @Heardinlondon. Anonymous until now, @Heardinlondon is a photographer, writer, activist and circus girl who documents civil unrest and activism through photography and social media. She does this as testament to those who are willing to make a stand. An active citizen trying to do her best to create possibilities for others to reach their best potential, she believes in a world that puts people before money. She aims to write words that inspire a more peaceful world and believes a better world is possible.

Her blog is here www.heardinlondon.com

@Heardinlondon will join us to explore the idea that peace is a possibility, not just a sound bite. She will propose that whilst the word “peace” is so overused it seems to have lost it’s meaning it is not only possible but achievable through dialogue and a reverence for life itself. Linking concepts of peace and protest she will illustrate her idea through observations of recent moments in our civil social history such as Occupy, UKUncut, the student demonstrations, and show us how dialogue is being opened up via social media. She invites us to see how personal dialogue with our own responsibility, accountability for our actions and reactions, and civil disobedience in a joined up world have the potential to create a “slow revolution”.