NIXIWAKA_YAWANAWA_BIONixiwaka Yawanawa, Land and Life

Nixiwaka is from the Yawanawa tribe who live deep in the Amazon. He is working with the charity Survival International travelling around the UK to talk about his life in the Amazon, his people’s traditions and the threats that indigenous peoples are faced with in Brazil.

Many tribes live entirely off their forests – hunting, gathering and fishing. They carry incredibly detailed mental maps of the land: its plants, animals and the best hunting places. Their land is vital to their very existence and holds a very deep spiritual significance. The land is being illegally invaded and projects like dams, roads, mining and agriculture are destroying a unique way of life. Indigenous people are all over Brazil are speaking out against these changes and fighting for their right to live on their ancestral lands in peace. Nixiwaka will ask us to consider why a way of life that is designed to be entirely in tune with its environment and resources is being destroyed by a way of life that isn’t.