Jeremy Lindley, Design is Beautiful

Creative leader at the worlds largest premium drinks business Jeremy Lindley is responsible for design across Diageo’s current brands and new products worldwide. His role is to transform Diageo’s design capability and output. He is passionate about the way design can connect on an emotional level with consumers and about consistently delivering the highest standards of ideas and execution. Prior to joining Diageo Jeremy was Head of Design for Tesco Stores Ltd. He was responsible for Design across the portfolio of 19,000 private label products and for leading the Store Formats and Design teams. His early career was spent working as a Design Consultant and University Lecturer.

Jeremy graduated with an Honours Degree in Design and has a Master of Arts Degree by research. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society for the Arts and is active in a number of Design Industry bodies. He is married with two children, ages 15 and 12 and is an active sportsman and photographer. He is also a trustee of a local Charity that runs a Church and Youth Centre.

Over the course of his career Jeremy has come to the conclusion that that the search for beauty is in fact a noble thing, that delivering objects of desire leads not just to commercial success but also taps into deeply held human instincts. Through tracing the history of objects and art Jeremy argues that the desire for beauty is an instinctive one, and that designers are at their best when not just meeting functional requirements. Art, beauty and the poetic satisfy deeply held desires.

Does form follow function? No, but there is an emotional functionality of things.