Tomas-Georgeson-profileWhat a blank cheque tells us about art.

In March 2013 Tomas signed a blank cheque for £8,000 and hid it in Milton Keynes Art Gallery. Tomas will take stock of this intervention and the role that risk-taking artists can play by asking broader questions about the public’s attitude towards art and money in 2013.

An artist, Tomas has trained as an actor and as a painter. As an undergraduate in Derby 1999-2002 Tomas won the Derby Open. Tomas was the 2005 RBA drawing scholar and studied at Central St Martin’s in 2006 at postgraduate level. Tomas has exhibited regularly at well known institutions in London including the V&A museum, the National Portrait Gallery and contemporary art projects. Tomas’ latest project is to work alongside a leading heart surgeon and will be exhibiting in New York for the first time this year.

Tomas will tell us about his efforts to bridge the gap between the general public and art institutions through his game of hide and seek.