Piazzi_Smyth_Observatory_BioCloud Activity: A mini tour.

The Piazzi Smyth Observatory sits in the grounds of Bedford School flanked by the Wolfson Planetarium. A fully functioning observatory in the heart of Bedford it is used by the School, community groups and the Bedford Astronomical Society. The main 5m dome houses a Meade LX 200 16″ computer controlled telescope which gives stunning views of the Moon, Planets and Deep Sky Objects. Several portable telescopes ranging from 6″ to 13″ diameter are also used from the outside observation deck.

Of course, a June day offers less than ideal conditions to get the most out of a visit to any observatory but we could not pass up the opportunity to let our delegates have a mini tour of the equipment there. The Observatory Technician will be available over lunch to welcome you and show you the equipment and some of the stunning photography that has been taken through the telescope. This is a bookable activity and you will have the opportunity to sign up during the first break. You will also be able to find out more about joining the Bedford Astronomical Society should you wish to see the equipment in action.