Liz Wright, Getting rid of 1000 things

Being the archetypal ‘good girl’, Liz spent the first thirty years of her life working hard, playing the game and climbing the corporate ladder. One day the realisation hit her that she liked neither the view above nor below her on that ladder and she started to make steps to design the life she wanted, not the one that others told her she should want. Liz realised that much of her life was dominated by things she thought she ‘should’ do rather than all the things she wanted to do. So, she left the career she had worked hard to build and sought to create a more colourful life. As part of that process, she realised that she spent a lot of time, money and resources buying and maintaining ‘stuff’. So, she set herself the challenge of getting rid of 1,000 things from her life in an attempt to live more simply and in a home she had designed. Liz will join us at TEDxBedford at the end of her challenge to let us know the impact it has had on her. Follow her progress here.