AYAN_PANJA_BIODr Ayan Panja, The Power of Generalism

Dr Ayan Panja is an NHS GP Partner in St Albans, a clinical adviser to NHS Choices and the resident doctor for BBC World News. The NHS Choices website attracts around 27 million hits a month and BBC World News has approximately 80 million viewers, which adds up to one big waiting room! In all of these roles his skills as a generalist come to the fore.

At TEDxBedford Dr Ayan Panja will share his passion for generalism, something that is progressively less valued in the modern world. He argues that the need for generalists is still strong and looks at the ways in which generalists do things differently to specialists (not just in medicine). He will argue that, when the chips are down, generalists are the ones to survive and will outline the ways in which the mind of the generalist differs to that of a specialist. This paean to the power of generalism looks at why an overarching perspective is vital for society.